My name is Dustin Finch, and I am a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who lives in Jonesboro, AR. I have a backlog of original music that dates back about 20 years, and I am hoping to spend the next couple of years recording it. (Lord willing! See James 4.13-17 and Psalm 90.12.) 

I will try to tell my story through this music. As I do so, it will become apparent that my story fits within a much bigger Story. Furthermore, it will be obvious that I am not the hero of this Story.  I hope you will stick around as the s/Story unfolds!

Besides my own solo project, I play bass for Lucas Tyler, Skull Family, and, occasionally, for other local bands (e.g. Adam and the Stormy Weathers). I also play banjo for Aaron Headley when I am able to. Every now and then, I even get the chance to play drums for acts like Foggy Brains and Foot Shooter.

In short, I am a bit of a "utility" player, a "jack of all trades, but master of none." Nevertheless, dabbling in several instruments provides the opportunity for me to play with a diverse group of acts!